In-Company Massages

Massage is the optimal option to counter and solve stress problems and occupational injuries in companies. It is not always easy to take the time to get a massage. Between work, children, social activities, there is little time left to take care of yourself. For this reason, the massage therapist will focus, according to the client's needs, on the different areas of the body: the shoulders, neck, lower back, arms and even legs can benefit from the rapid relaxation of the massage.

Helping people feel better, reducing pain and promoting well-being are the reasons we chose this profession!

We come to you and carry with us everything we need to help your work team feel better.

It is strongly recommended to receive a massage of at least 15 minutes so that the body and brain can enjoy all the benefits. It is also possible to offer massages of 20, and even 30 minutes.

The frequency is determined by the availability of the company (space management) and the number of employees interested in the service. In general, the frequency varies from once a month to two times a week.

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