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Located at 54 rue de la Forêt in Cessange, Luxembourg, Just Zen Sarls is an independent team of health professionals offering total body wellness services through massage therapy, pressotherapy, light therapy and medical pedicure.

In addition to the health care services, massage classes can be scheduled. Just Zen Sarls is more than a Health Center; it is a community founded by our practitioners and clients.

The Health Center on video

Discover the Health Center in all its splendor in video. The center has three practice, a waiting room, a public toilet and a shower room for those who need to take a shower after a massage.


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Why choose us

  • Staff

    Our licensed massage therapist and staff want to make your experience with us as comfortable as possible.

  • Massage

    At Just Zen, e offer several different types of massage to meet our clients’ individual needs.

  • Your Wellbeing

    We're not just focusing on the protocol, but rather on the health problem

  • You decide

    We are able to tailor each massage to your individual needs. This is your massage–let us know what you prefer!

  • Security

    All of our staff have been through countless hours of training and school to master the art of your desired massage.

  • Our strength

    We don't think commercially, but we put ourselves in your shoes.

How We Can Help You?

We offers under one roof exceptional relaxing and therapeutic treatments

that meet the specific needs of each client in a warm and familiar atmosphere.

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Our team for your well-being

Jason Edwards

Massage Therapist

Our written description of Jason could not do justice to just how good a massage therapist his is.

Hua Zhao

Wellness massager

Hua is a Luxembourgish wellness massager with exceptional abilities and a very intuitive style of massage.

Sandrine Fontaine

Pedicure reflexologist

As soon as the pain appears, do not hesitate to contact your Sandrine pedicure reflexologist.

Aziza Rafiq


therapeutic hypnosis, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), art-therapy, quantum therapies, energetic care, etc..